Sunday, February 8, 2009

2.5 weeks old!

Cassidy at 2.5 weeks old. Time definitely flies. Our girl now weighs over 7 lbs, makes eye contact, smiles in her sleep (it's not just gas), and actually is learning to be awake during the day and asleep during the night. We are still exhausted, of course, but only because we have yet to adjust our schedule to hers (she goes to sleep around 7 pm, waking to eat around 10:30 pm, then again at about 2:30 or 3 am, then again around 6:30 am). During the day, she looks around contemplatively with her fabulous big blue eyes. Unless she needs something, she is a quiet, mellow baby.

In her Moses basket:

Hiking over the weekend on the ridgeline trail. Cassidy LOVED it and slept the whole way. Mama only made it about a mile before her (ahem) sutured area started to ache, but we all had a great time. The dog was in canine heaven.

Cassidy snug in her Moby wrap and under my jacket. I think other hikers just thought I was a really oddly shaped fat person.

And lest you all think my life is sunshine-and-roses, here's what Cassidy looks like when she needs something usually at 3 am (and yes, my boobs are huge, so its hard to get them out of the picture!). I admit I find her screaming oddly amusing, especially because it is easy to tell the difference between a mad "feed me" scream and a scared/sad cry. The sad cry gets me in my bones, but the mad scream cracks me up. Half her head is mouth; she looks like Grover.

In other news, we are moving into a little bungalow in downtown. It has a little more space, a fenced yard, and a garage, so it is definitely a step up. We can bike to the Saturday market, Sweet Life and Sam Bond's. We also will have a guest room (well, sort of) so we welcome visitors, as long as you also think the baby's mad screams are amusing. :)
Love to all. Liz

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